American Indian Health Services

American Indian Health Services provides health care system access to American Indian/Alaska Native Tribes and their corporate enterprises.

Our mission is to improve the health of Native American people through the effective application of advanced health care services and financing tools. Our products and services are tailored to support the specific needs of Indian people in a manner that is of the highest quality and recognizes the unique health care needs of Indian communities.

An American Indian Owned Organization

AIHS understands that every Indian community has its distinct set of health care needs and challenges. The AIHS team is comprised of individuals with expert knowledge and extensive experience spanning the health care industry, the Tribal governance arena, and the Indian Health Service. Our services identify and address health care exposures including the access to care, the delivery of care, and the financing of health care. Having these distinctive skills has allowed us to develop a network of relationships with leading health care organizations. This makes it possible for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) entities to model best practices in the delivery and financing of their own health care systems. AIHS has ongoing relationships with leading health insurance carriers and administrators, health networks, and other health care market leaders. We leverage these relationships to improve health care access and quality for our clients in AI/AN communities and their economic development activities.

Our approach to customer service is one of long-term partnership that not only exceeds today’s expectations, but also anticipates tomorrow’s needs. We are unique in that we extend an interpretive bridge of cultural and relational sensitivity between the AI / AN and the private and public sectors. Our efforts identify need, align synergies, and open opportunities for win-win partnerships. The diversity of the AI / AN service populations and the complexity of the health care market necessitates AIHS’ proven ability to work in collaboration with industry leaders.




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