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American Indian Health Services (AIHS) was founded in 2005 by Native Americans, Brendan McKenna and Duane Jeanotte.

AIHS is an American Indian company that identifies health care opportunities for Tribes and American Indian companies. Our skills are in connecting Tribes and Indian companies with Preferred Provider Networks to obtain discounted rates for Contract Health Services funds.

A very significant cost in Tribal government and in Indian owned companies is health care services. Whether the cost is a result of enterprise employee insurance costs or Tribal member needs, the costs take away from other priorities and must be efficiently managed to minimize resource outlays. American Indian Health Services provides expert analysis and guidance to Tribal leadership in the consideration of health services strategies.

Additionally we work with Tribes and Indian companies to design self-insured health benefit plans that complement Indian Health Service services resulting in expanded health care services at the lowest possible prices.

The principals in AIHS have advanced degrees and offer knowledge & experience in health plan design, provider networks, and Tribal and Federal IHS health program and financial management. With these unique skills AIHS can quickly assess current and future health services outlays and provide expert assistance in obtaining services in the most economic manner.

Brendan McKenna

Brendan, one of the organization’s founders, has served as American Indian Health Services’ President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 2005. He is leading AIHS’ efforts to bring measurable health care improvements to the American Indian and the Alaska Native. Brendan has more than 20 years of health care management experience.

Brendan’s professional experience spans both the commercial and the self funded arenas. Working with Presbyterian Health Services’ Salud, New Mexico’s largest managed Medicaid organization, he served as the Audit Coordinator for all delegated subcontractors.

A relocation to Seattle, WA, provided Brendan the opportunity to transition from the group health model to the self funded arena. Serving in senior leadership roles for organizations specializing in disease and risk management, Brendan developed partnerships with stop loss carriers, brokers, third party administrators and employer groups. Bridging sales and operations, Brendan’s contributions addressed the comprehensive medical management and financing of catastrophic medical events.

Recognizing the opportunity to apply best practices towards the historically underserved American Indian / Alaska Native people, Brendan focused his resources towards Indian Country. Serving in partnership, Brendan has been an advocate and consultant to Tribes and their respective enterprises for 10+ years. His goal is for every Tribe to develop a targeted, population-based, health care model that achieves optimal outcomes – both clinical and financial – for its people.

Brendan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico. He received his Master of Health Administration degree from the University of Washington.

Brendan is a participating tribal member of Nambe Pueblo in New Mexico.

Duane Jeanotte
Director of Marketing

Duane, one of the organization’s founders, serves as American Indian Health Services’ Director of Sales and Marketing. He brings a distinguished career working on behalf of the American Indian and the Alaska Native within the Indian Health Service. For more than thirty years, Duane has worked with tribal governments at the local, regional and national levels to bring systemic improvements to health care delivery, outcomes—clinical and financial, and policy.

Duane retired from the Indian Health Service as its Chief Financial Officer 2004. Throughout his career, Duane has been recognized as an innovative strategist with contract, cost containment and reimbursement models. Through his tenure with the Indian Health Service, Duane served as the Regional Director of IHS hospitals and clinics on reservations within the Montana / Wyoming Region. Duane also served as the Albuquerque Area Office Director providing senior leadership with budget and health services delivery for New Mexico’s 19 Pueblos, the Navajo Nation and the Apache Nations.

Duane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Mayville State University. He received his Master of Hospital Administration degree from the University of Colorado and advanced studies in Public Policy and Public Administration from the University of Washington.

Duane is a participating tribal member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa in North Dakota.


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