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Tribal and Tribal Enterprise Services

Our extensive knowledge of American Indian morbidity and mortality, IHS polices, and private sector insurance and discount practices provide Indian communities practical insight into local health care options. In working with Tribal communities and enterprises, AIHS serves as an advocate for improved access to quality health care on behalf of Indian people. AIHS experts analyze current IHS fund utilization, Tribal enterprise health benefits, and local demographics to provide the optimum solution to current health needs. AIHS brings PPO Networks, Third Party Administrators, and Insurance companies to Tribal community leadership and catalyzes agreements that insure expanded services at the most economical cost. Throughout this process, AIHS maintains a focus on improved quality health services to American Indian communities.

Third Party Administrators

Customer advocacy is the common denominator to our partnerships. We work with benefit administrators to maximize their strengths and services in meeting a Tribe’s / Corporation’s needs. Our experience with Tribal governments, IHS and other federal funding mechanisms, as well as ERISA regulations, provides TPAs critical insight towards plan design and plan management.


Diversity and growth characterize the Tribal / Corporation market space. From natural resource development to manufacturing, from gaming to defense contracting, the enterprise activity of AI/AN communities brings opportunity and challenge. We work with brokers as advisors and advocates for Tribes / Corporations.


Security and opportunity have resulted from Tribe’s / Corporation’s enterprise activities.

We are committed to promoting the highest standards of business ethics and fiduciary governance. Our expert knowledge of the economic and political environments impacting Tribes / Corporations serves as the conduit for many opportunities. We work with carriers to develop financially sound solutions to a Tribe’s / Corporation’s health care needs.


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